Just bought this.

A nice silver ring with moon stones. What do you think?

A midsummer day's dream...

Green magic in the land where time stands still. (Yes, of course I mean Gotland.) It has been only a few weeks, but it seems now so long ago.

Love and laughter!

Have I ever told you that I have the ABSOLUTELY best job in the world? Cause I really do. My days are filled with hard work, yes - but also with so much love and laughter! I am so happy. Hope you are too.


(I found this beautiful image at http://www.free-desktop-backgrounds.net)

Demonic faces at Skokloster Castle.

Spotted on Gotland: Old Norse Gods.

Perseverance is the key to success.

Ok, so I'll give this blogging thingy one more try. But this time - after request - (at least partly) in english! (...Well, we'll see how that will work... I guess it will be a good opportunity for training my language skills.)

Hope the summer has treated you well. Mine was magic, at times sort of bad, and absolutely wonderful!
Now I'm looking forward to a inspiring, dark, wet but colour-sparkling autumn...

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