Valentine's day.


Older, but how much wiser?

I prefer not to answer that one. Guess you will notice anyhow.
Anyway, I'm givit this shit one more try. Looking forward to make someone quiet noise out here in the cyber space. Starting now.


Night Beats makes the sounds of morning.

This is absolutely one of the best vintage bands today. If you haven't yet, give their music a try. Their sound is really something. You'll hear how the waves of the universe vibrates and floats and you'll love it! It's truly amazing.

Dear, your app sucks.

So, I've been away from the computer a couple of days and thought I could update this blog with that new app instead... That didn't work -though I tried at least fifty (or a hundred) times. That got me pissed for a moment, but just a short one. :)

Well...that's it for now, I guess, and it's way over bedtime, so cheerio and good night to y'all!

Flower Mandalas!

(Pictures borrowed from

Right now, in the middle of this super-gray-and-rainy autumn (which I actually also love, but still...som variation would be nice, please!), I find myself so into flowers. Already I can't wait for spring. Then I found this wonderful site full of beautiful flower mandalas by David J. Bookbinder! Now I can have spring in my mind everyday. Ooh, happy, happy, happy!
You really should take a look, it will brighten your day!

Just bought this.

A nice silver ring with moon stones. What do you think?

A midsummer day's dream...

Green magic in the land where time stands still. (Yes, of course I mean Gotland.) It has been only a few weeks, but it seems now so long ago.

Love and laughter!

Have I ever told you that I have the ABSOLUTELY best job in the world? Cause I really do. My days are filled with hard work, yes - but also with so much love and laughter! I am so happy. Hope you are too.


(I found this beautiful image at

Demonic faces at Skokloster Castle.

Spotted on Gotland: Old Norse Gods.

Perseverance is the key to success.

Ok, so I'll give this blogging thingy one more try. But this time - after request - (at least partly) in english! (...Well, we'll see how that will work... I guess it will be a good opportunity for training my language skills.)

Hope the summer has treated you well. Mine was magic, at times sort of bad, and absolutely wonderful!
Now I'm looking forward to a inspiring, dark, wet but colour-sparkling autumn...

Norrmän och påsk på Skansen!

I gott sällskap av människor, djur och andra väsen.






Experiment 17

Jag fick precis denna lilla film presenterad för mig och känner att jag bara måste dela med mig. Den är fantastiskt charmig! - Experiment 17 Video

Alter ego.

För snart ett decennium sedan pluggade jag foto och media. En dag fick vi i uppgift att göra självporträtt. Jag döpte mitt till alter ego. Idag dök det upp igen. Här är det.


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